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Top Education Software Development Companies [2024]

Last updated on
January 11, 2024



Top Education Software Development Companies [2024]

As the e-learning industry has grown 900% since 2000 and is expected to be worth $325 billion by 2025 (Skillscouter, 2021), it is not surprising that more and more companies are interested in entering this lucrative segment. The only question is: which company should be entrusted with such an ambitious project? Which one really provides top digital product development services? Here's where an unsponsored list of top education software development companies and their features.

List of the top education software development companies

  1. Brainhub
  2. TXI
  3. 10Pearls
  4. Taazaa
  5. Miquido
  6. Vention
  7. Rootstrap
  8. 10Clouds
  9. Geniusee
  10. nomtek

Edutech software development companies - general information in a nutshell


Brainhub - range of services

Brainhub is a standout edtech software development service provider known for their outstanding technological skills. Their main goal is to offer digital acceleration and team augmentation services. They work with various types of businesses, including scale-ups, startups, and enterprises.

To ensure top-notch software delivery, Brainhub follows a methodology that emphasizes quick iterations and comprehensive testing. This approach allows them to consistently provide valuable software solutions that benefit businesses.

THEY EXCELL IN: technical knowledge, swift delivery

REWARDS: FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies, Rising Star Awards from Deloitte: 50 Technology Fast Central Europe, Top .NET Developers 2023, Top 100 Sustained Growth Companies, Top 1000 Global Companies by Clutch, Top Software Developers 2023 by Clutch

SERVICES: web application development services, mobile app development services, UX/UI design, desktop app development services, digital product development, staff augmentation, digital transformation

KEY CLIENTS:  National Geographic, Paradox Interactive, Collegial, Beam, TC Global, Jackbox Games, Screencloud, Heist Studios, Venture Harbour, Medicover GO

TECHNOLOGIES: JavaScript, .NET, TypeScript, Node.js, React.js, Electron.js, React Native, NestJS

TALENTS: software engineers (including top software developers with 8+ years of experience), QA engineers, tech advisors, software architects, DevOps engineers, business analysts, scrum masters, agile coaches, delivery managers, UX/UI designers, graphic designers, growth advisors

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 38 reviews

SKILLS: product scaling, software development, customized software, GraphQL, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, workshops, hybrid mobile app development, iOS application development, Android application development, PWAs, CI/CD, automated tests, BDD, TDD, information architecture, visual design, backend engineering, API development, serverless architecture, testing, UX design, UI design, UX audit, UX workshops, product workshops, architecture development, API development, MVP development, prototyping

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: technical know-how, the clarity and dependability of the code, a can-do attitude, project management abilities, openness, flexibility, engagement, and dedication

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology





PRICE RANGE: $50 - $99 / hr

CULTURE & VALUES: The business promotes initiative and full accountability. They enjoy participating in every stage of the business process and think effective communication is crucial to solving problems. They are convinced about the value of making informed choices. The group places a great importance on cooperation, continuous development, and knowledge sharing.

<h3 id="txi"> TXI </h3>

TXI - range of services

The USA-based custom software development firm TXI was established in 2002. With clients ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 100, they collaborate The team says they are impartial to industries. Clutch highlighted the top developers in a several areas, including Chicago-based developers, Ruby on Rails developers, and software development.

SERVICES: custom web development, mobile development, digital strategy and project management, product design, UX design, workshops

KEY CLIENTS: Dept. of Medicine, Northwestern University, Outcome Health, Journal for the American Medical Association (JAMA), AKARA, Abbvie, Tyson Foods, Ocean Spray, AccuWeather, Frommer's, Discover Financial, Dickson, Field Museum

TECHNOLOGIES: React Native, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails

TALENTS: software engineers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, designers, project managers

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 42 reviews

SKILLS: IoT, user research, UX design, branding, business strategy, project management, DevOps, maintenance, hosting, native app development, cross-platform app development, user testing, user research

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: communication skills, structure of the development process, skilled expertise, flexibility, collaborativeness, creativity, ability to synthesize information, collaboration, responsiveness, proactivity, willingness to learn, accessibility.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology




PRICE RANGE: $200 - $300 / hr

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: EdTech, healthcare, manufacturing & IoT, retail & e-commerce, media

CULTURE & VALUES: The team's credo is "the tech done right"—right for users, clients, and the community. They value trust and close cooperation. Members of the team like exchanging expertise and are always learning new things. They look after their people and their families so that everyone can continue to develop and learn. They value inclusivity and diversity.

<h3 id="10pearls"> 10Pearls </h3>

10Pearls - range of services

A software development company called 10Pearls provides services like product development, technology acceleration, and product design. As they guide businesses through the strategy phase, development, and towards digital acceleration, they focus on enterprise and midmarket clients. The company has won awards from Clutch, Gartner, and Forrester, and the Financial Times reports that they will be among the top 10 fastest-growing companies in the country by 2022.

SERVICES: software development, web application development, enterprise mobility, digital transformation, UX and UI design, QA services Cloud & DevOps solutions

TOP CLIENTS: AmWell, Docker, Hobsons, HughesNet, Johnson & Johnson, PayPal, CocaCola, Intuit, Stripe, AARP, Telmate, Homeland Security, WeatherBug, Homeland Security, Zubie

TECHNOLOGIES: JavaScript, Node.js, React Native, .NET, C#, Java, R, Objective-C, PHP, Angular, React, Meteor, Xamarin, MongoDB, MySQL, Python, Golang, Swift,

TALENTS: software developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, graphic designers, project managers, business analysts, delivery managers

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 29 reviews

SKILLS: AI, IoT, chatbots, AR/VR, blockchain, metaverse, voice & language processing, data & analytics, continuous security, QA, DevOps, CloudOps, AWS, Azure, GCP, containerization, market research, Docker, cybersecurity, data science, UX design, UI design, prototyping, wireframing, customer experience

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: being adaptable, being attentive to the demands of the client, being committed and supportive, owning what they do, adhering to a schedule, being transparent, providing all-around assistance

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: USA (Washington, New York), UK (London), Costa Rica (San Jose), Colombia (Medellin), UAE (Dubai), Peru (Lima), Pakistan (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore),


PRICE RANGE: $25 - $49 / hr

INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCED WITH: fintech, energy & natural resources, medtech, education, telecommunications

CULTURE & VALUES: They identify as a human-centered business. The company encourages employee growth. Because they place a high importance on growth and learning, they founded The 10Pearls University. Additionally, they have good intents and take part in philanthropic activities, mostly through their own foundation.

<h3 id="taazaa"> Taazaa </h3>

Taazaa - range of services

Taazaa is a software development company with offices in both the US and India. Their main area of expertise is helping companies develop digital solutions. Taazaa provides all services pertaining to software development projects, from validation to development and maintenance. The company offers vibrant product development teams as well as services for DevOps and product modernization. Hundreds of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and startups, have used Taazaa's services.

SERVICES: mobile development, product consulting, product transformation, UI/UX development, web application development, quality assurance, DevOps services, research and innovation, enterprise software development

KEY CLIENTS: PulseBox, Caring24, Malley’s Chocolates, Lachina, Open i Networks, Vorrei, Wright Partners

TECHNOLOGIES: JavaScript, React Native, Node.js, .NET, MongoDB, Express.js, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, Xamarin, Flutter, React, Angular, Vue

TALENTS: software developers, QA specialists, technical architects, business analysts, UX designers

REVIEWS: 5.0 stars on Clutch from 22 reviews

SKILLS: cross-platform mobile apps, native mobile apps, Progressive Web Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, IoT, Cloud

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: commitment, a strong work ethic, openness to feedback, easy communication, a hard-working team, awareness of clients' needs

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: USA (Hudson, OH), India (Noida, UP)


PRICE RANGE: $25 - $49 / hr

INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCED WITH: healthtech, transportation and logistics, proptech, real estate, edtech

CULTURE & VALUES: They put people first and value connections over transactions, developing user-friendly technology in the process. The group is constantly curious to learn new things and seeking out different viewpoints. They place the highest degree of quality and long-term goals first. Along with empathy, they regard modesty as the mother of all virtues.

<h3 id="miquido"> Miquido </h3>

Miquido - range of services

Poland-based software development firm Miquido was founded in 2011. Custom software development, digital transformation, and legacy modernisation are their areas of expertise. Miquido was named the fastest-growing mobile development business in Central and Eastern Europe by Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in 2016. The success of Miquido has also been covered by Time & Forbes and Google Certified Agency, among others. They were also recognized as a Top Mobile App Development Company in the UK.

SERVICES: web development, mobile development, product design, Artificial Intelligence, product strategy, digital transformation, legacy modernization

KEY CLIENTS: Nestle, Aviva, AXA, Skyscanner, BNP Paribas, Santander Bank, Abbey Road Studios, Herbalife, Play, TUI, Empik, Onkyo Music, HelloFresh, Pando, Klassik Radio, HID, SBAB, Nextbank

TECHNOLOGIES: JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.js, Golang, Java, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript

TALENTS: software engineers, designers, project managers, software architects, scrum masters

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 36 reviews

SKILLS: native mobile apps, cross-platform mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Vision, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, cloud app development, cloud deployment, Business Intelligence, product strategy, NLP, market research, prototyping, Proof of Concept, innovation research, UX workshops, UX audit, UX design, UI design

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: Reliability, adaptability, consistency, quick response, rapid onboarding, a broad variety of talents and abilities, openness in communication, professional attitude, effectiveness, meeting deadlines, maintaining a can-do attitude, and blending in with teams smoothly

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Poland, Cracow

INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCED WITH: FinTech (banking, insurance), eCommerce, MedTech, entertainment


PRICE RANGE: $50 - $99 / hr

CULTURE & VALUES: They place a high priority on being transparent and honest, which includes telling clients why their ideas won't result in successful business ventures and providing them with better options. Delivering commercial value is crucial for the company. People are given priority, along with their capacity for personal growth, career success, and general level of satisfaction.

<h3 id="itechart"> Vention </h3>

Vention is a significant software development firm based in the USA, that employs over 3500 developers. Enterprises, midmarket companies, and startups with venture capital backing are typically their clients. They focus on developing mobile and web applications, cloud solutions, and UX/UI design services. In addition to being a Forbes Technology Council member and a Microsoft Gold Partner, iTechArt Group has won honors for excellence from the Inc. 5000 and the Financial Times.

SERVICES: web application development, mobile development, cloud solutions, QA and testing, UX/UI design

KEY CLIENTS: Doctors Without Borders, Unlimint, Integrate, Rally, ClassPass, ZEFR, Gain Capital, Merkle, Thirty Madison, DealCloud, Freshly

TECHNOLOGIES: JavaScript, .NET, Angular.js, React Native, Node.js, Java

TALENTS: software engineers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, Data Science engineers, project managers, business analysts, delivery managers, UX designers

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 42 reviews

SKILLS: native mobile apps, cross-platform apps, DevOps, PWA development, SPA development, API development, backend refactoring, Cloud deployment, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, wireframes, prototyping, Big Data, AI, IoT, business intelligence, blockchain, AR/VR, cybersecurity, serverless applications, UX design, UI design

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: effective project management, listening to client needs and input, meeting those needs, excellent communication, meeting deadlines, challenging assumptions

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Poland (Warsaw, Lodz, Wroclaw, Krakow), Belarus (Minsk), Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv), Lithuania (Vilnius), Austria (Vienna), UK (London), USA (New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Fransisco)

INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCED WITH: fintech, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, education, marketing and adtech, gamedev


PRICE RANGE: $50 - $99 / hr

CULTURE & VALUES: The tenets of their company culture include diversity, growth, and volunteerism. They believe that variety is crucial to success. They make giving to organizations and participating in other volunteer endeavors a part of who they are.

<h3 id="rootstrap"> Rootstrap </h3>

Rootstrap - range of services

With more than ten years of experience, Rootstrap is a top provider of software development and digital transformation solutions. Since then, the business has received accolades from the Financial Times, INC 5000, and the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in America in 2020 and 2021, as well as recognition as the fourth-best machine learning developer in 2021. The organization aids companies in expanding their workforces, operational effectiveness, and product lines.

SERVICES: web development, mobile development, UI/UX design, data science, machine learning, product strategy, staff augmentation, technical workshops

KEY CLIENTS: MasterClass, Universal Music Group, FanBread, Cash Money Records, Spotify, Snoop Dogg, CES, Tony Robbins

TECHNOLOGIES: JavaScript, Ruby, Node.js, React Native, Python

TALENTS: software developers, QA engineers, designers, DevOps engineers

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 35 reviews.

SKILLS: AR/VR, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency, chatbots, ML/deep learning, native mobile app development, DevOps,  quality assurance

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: flexibility, ownership, openness, communication skills, outstanding workflow, knowledge, team integration

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: USA (Los Angeles, CA - HQ), Uruguay (Montevideo), Argentina (Buenos Aires)


PRICE RANGE: $100 - $149 / hr

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: business services, IT, consumer products and services, edtech

CULTURE & VALUES: The organization values the discipline of constant growth and expansion. They take initiative, are receptive to new ideas, and accept change. Team members show respect and consideration for one another and for clients. They identify as seekers of knowledge and truth, empathizing with their clients and taking positive action to resolve their issues.

<h3 id="10clouds"> 10Clouds </h3>

10clouds - range of services

With an emphasis on providing cutting-edge banking and fintech solutions that are easy to use, 10Clouds is a business that specializes in consulting and software development for blockchain and fintech. Additionally, 10Clouds helps its partners' teams build platforms for secure data exchange, assists companies in making the move to the cloud, and promotes the development of blockchain, web, and mobile applications.

SERVICES: mobile app development services, web application development services, banking systems, enterprise financial software development, IT consulting

KEY CLIENTS: Omise, Coinquista, Mambu, Tink, G-Coin, Lite ID, Crescent

TECHNOLOGIES: JavaScript, React.js, Angular.js, React Native, Node.js, Vue.js, Swift, Flutter, Kotlin, Elixir, Java, Python

TALENTS: software developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, blockchain engineers, Cloud engineers, software architects, product designers, UX/UI designers, delivery managers, agile managers

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 58 reviews

SKILLS: AI, blockchain, cloud, DevOps, identity verification, machine learning, data sharing, customer experience, web app development, mobile app development, web design, product design, UI UX design, illustration, MLOps

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: Effective project and workflow management, engagement, cost consideration, adaptability, dedication, transparency, cost consideration, high-quality code, and expertise

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Poland (Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw)


PRICE RANGE: $50 - $99 / hr

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCED WITH: FinTech, banking, EdTech, medical, IT, business services

CULTURE & VALUES: The group thinks that giving and accepting constructive criticism is a great way to express gratitude. They also make an effort to recognize and celebrate accomplishments since doing so fosters teamwork and engagement. Two crucial organizational virtues that keep the team cohesive are care and appreciation.

<h3 id="geniusee"> Geniusee </h3>

Geniusee - range of services

An EdTech and FinTech product development company, Geniusee was established in Ukraine in 2017 and works with startups, small and mid-sized businesses. They assert to be experts in 64 technologies and to have finished over 100 projects. They were recognized as the top Android app developers by Goodfirms and listed by Clutch as one of the top Ukrainian developers in 2021.

SERVICES: mobile app development, web application development, UX/UI design, website support, DevOps support

KEY CLIENTS: Zytara, Chegg Money, FactMata, Scout and Drum Technologies Inc., Dell, DataRobot, QuitGenius, Vrazo, RealmFive, CraveRetail, Swoon Editions, Kumulus Technologies

TECHNOLOGIES: JavaScript, React, Vue, Node.js, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, Python, .NET, Java, PHP,

TALENTS: software developers, frontend developers, backend developers, DevOps engineers, QA engineers, project managers, business analysts, UX designers, UI designers

REVIEWS: 5.0 stars on Clutch from 36 reviews

SKILLS: mobile apps, native mobile app development, hybrid mobile app development, DevOps, AWS, business analysis, QA testing, QC testing, blockchain, serverless architecture, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, DevOps engineering, discovery phase, product maintenance, legacy reengineering, POC, MVP development

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: understanding the expectations of stakeholders, collaborating smoothly, comprehending the project requirements, communicating consistently, being a stickler for detail, efficient, transparent, high-level involvement, being easily accessible, disciplined, and skilled

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Ukraine (Kyiv, HQ)


PRICE RANGE: $25 - $49 / hr

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCED WITH: financial services, EdTech, retail, automotive, real estate, transportation, tourism

CULTURE & VALUES: The company values candor and honesty in its dealings with clients and among its staff. Their core principles include cooperation. Since a relationship implies outcomes that are advantageous to both parties in their eyes, they are devoted to their relationships. The team is dependable, dedicated to meeting deadlines, and realizes the importance of providing assistance.

<h3 id="nomtek"> nomtek </h3>

nomtek - range of services

Poland-based software development company called Nomtek was founded in 2009. They are pros at designing and developing mobile apps in addition to developing augmented reality and mixed reality solutions. According to Clutch, they are among the Top Mobile App Developers. Cross-functional teams and staff augmentation services are provided by Nomtek. This famous software development provider takes pride in having distributed more than 200 programs. They are quite knowledgeable in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing.

SERVICES: mobile app development, mobile app design, AR&XR app development, IoT app development, staff augmentation

KEY CLIENTS: ProSiebenSat1, Axel Springer, Newsweek, PONS, Ricardo.ch, Gebraucht.de, Switch & Co, Magic Leap, Unicity, Collectomate, Extradom.pl, Gymondo, Marley Spoon, T-Systems

TECHNOLOGIES: JavaScript, Flutter, React Native, C++, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby on Rails, Node.js

TALENTS: consultants, product designers, software developers, QA testers, product managers, product owners,

SKILLS: Unity, AR, XR, IoT, cross-platform apps, native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps, testing, UX design, UI design, consulting

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 34 reviews

WHAT CUSTOMERS VALUE: responsiveness, positive attitude, collaboration, talented team, working hard, well-trained and intelligent developers, availability, providing ideas and questions to improve and adapt the plans, challenging the client, being result-oriented

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Poland (Wroclaw), Germany (Berlin), USA (Washington)


PRICE RANGE: $50 - $99 / hr

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: e-commerce, entertainment, fitness, healthcare, communication, logistics, EdTech

CULTURE & VALUES: They encourage a welcome, safe, and productive environment. A shared culture built on openness and trust is established by the group. They appreciate strong relationships, trust data, and follow a data-driven development loop.

Qualities of top education software development companies

Focus on business success

Just because a product is functional doesn't mean it will succeed in the market. You need more than that: industry awareness, analytical data, and expertise. When choosing a business partner, look for a company that can not only write good code but also have high business awareness.

Why is that important?

  • More revenue. Software development is an expensive affair, and if you invest money in solutions that don't interest your target audience you not only won't make money on it, you will actually lose it. Business-success-oriented companies will offer you such functionalities that are in demand in the market and bring you more revenue.
  • Smaller risk of error. Companies focused on business success propose solutions based on market analysis rather than guessing. This approach reduces the risk of errors and saves time and money on product development.
  • Product competitiveness. Software houses that know the market offer unique and effective solutions because they learn from the mistakes and successes of others in the industry. As a result, your product will be among the best. 

How does it manifest?

  • Business analytics. Top education software development companies focused on business success offer more than the services of developers. Data analytics is also crucial, making product implementation and scaling more effective.
  • Experience. Every industry is different, so when looking at the portfolio of the company you want to partner with, pay attention to whether it specializes in solutions for the education sector.
  • Consulting. A top education software development company offers its skills but also knowledge to help you make the best business decisions. As a result, it’s not only a service provider but also an advisor and a trustworthy business partner to whom you can turn with any concern.

Embracing the DevOps culture

More complex projects involve multiple teams responsible for their various parts, and the basis for success is transparent communication and simple decision-making process. To achieve this, the best education software development companies are implementing a DevOps culture. This approach complements agile methodology and involves close collaboration between development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) teams.

Why is that important?

  • Improved product quality. Teams working in a DevOps culture constantly exchange knowledge and give each other regular feedback. This allows them to create the best possible product and make full use of their skills. 
  • Shorter development time. The result of close collaboration yet autonomy of teams in DevOps companies is fewer bottlenecks and faster product development. 

How does it manifest?

  • Being up-to-date. One of the biggest barriers when working on a large project is the varying state of the teams' knowledge of the current status. DevOps culture assumes constant communication between employees.
  • Autonomous teams. Despite close collaboration, teams working in a DevOps culture are autonomous and can make decisions in their area of expertise. This avoids micromanagement and bottlenecks.
  • Shared responsibility. In DevOps culture, you can't say ‘it's not my problem’ because there's no 'us' and 'them' but 'we'. Yeah, we know, it sounds cliché but this is the clue of this approach. Every member of every team is responsible for the final result, so they will look for the best solutions.

Short time to impact

A top education software development company doesn't need a lot of time for you to see the first results of cooperation, because it has the right facilities and procedures to start working on the project as soon as possible. 

Why is that important?

  • Quicker return on investment. Until a product is released it doesn't make money, it only costs money. The sooner you deploy the first version of the application, the sooner it will start making a profit, so in software development, time is money literally.
  • Faster verification of work direction. Projects are planned according to current market demand, and longer development means that original assumptions can become outdated. A company that doesn't take long to give their contribution to a project gives you more space to react and verify the direction of the work.
  • Target audience feedback. The most important jury of your product is its users. The sooner you let them test the application, the sooner you can gather their feedback and make modifications according to it. 

How does it manifest?

  • Simplified formalities. Effective software houses don't waste time on paperwork, preferring to start work as soon as possible. Your contract, scope, and your business expectations are enough to do so.
  • Good know-how. Research is the basis of a job well done, so it is very time-consuming. And time is precious. To develop your educational software, choose a company with experience in similar projects that have solid know-how and can start work right away.
  • Technology background. Many companies first sign a contract with a client and then look for the right resources to execute the project, lengthening the entire process. Best education software development companies have the right technologies, human resources, and procedures to start work as soon as the paperwork is completed.
  • MVP. A Minimum Viable Product is a version of a software product that is not yet fully developed but contains key functionality required by the market. MVPs are typical of agile methodologies and allow faster user feedback and direction for further work.

Practicing continuous delivery

Continuous delivery is an approach to software engineering in which the team produces software in short cycles (e.g., two-week sprints) with the confidence that the software can be released to production at any time. This practice implies continuous, automatic updating and testing of the changes to avoid errors. 

Why is that important?

  • Faster implementation of changes. Continuous delivery gives education software development companies the ability to respond more quickly to your feedback and implement changes in the product right away.
  • High product quality. Frequent testing and updating of the software make the product better optimized and bug-free.

How does it manifest?

  • Automated processes. A team practicing continuous delivery is more productive and can focus on more creative work because repetitive processes are done automatically.
  • Faster bug response. The development team can catch bugs faster and fix them before they turn into more serious problems.

Delivering bug-free code

Poor quality software does not pay off in the long run, as it is much more expensive to fix and modify than to invest in top education software development services. Bug-free code is extremely important in the e-learning industry, where users undertake regular and intensive interaction with the application

Why is that important?

  • Good reputation. No one wants to use defective software, and in an online world where users judge poor products mercilessly, news travels fast. Bug-free code means a bug-free product, and a bug-free product means a good press in the market.
  • Lower customer loss. Online learning has grown tremendously in recent years. By 2020, up to 50% of university students were taking online courses (Skillscouter, 2021). This means more customers, of course, but also more competition so if your product is flawed – users will look for an alternative without hesitation. 
  • Improving user experience. In today's world of digital products, it's all about UX. Especially for applications used regularly, like social media or educational softwares. A bug-free product gives users a better experience and increases the chance that they will recommend it to others.

How does it manifest?

  • Quality Assurance. Best education software development companies are confident in the standard of their services and offer Quality Assurance, a confirmation that the product meets the highest requirements.
  • Software testing procedures. No one is perfect, but that doesn't mean code quality should suffer. Professional software houses use automated testing tools and customized procedures to verify software quality and remove bugs on an ongoing basis.


Top education software development companies understand that the client's best interests coincide with their own. A high-quality product pays off for both parties: for the client, it means a return on investment and satisfied customers, and for the software house – a valuable project in the portfolio, a good reputation in the market, and a chance for long-term cooperation. Win-win!

Why is that important?

  • Best solutions. Software companies with high levels of ownership identify with their work and treat it as an opportunity to test their abilities and create something they can be proud of. This approach is also in your interest because it means a top-quality product.
  • Advice. Sometimes it seems that the best company is one that will quietly do what you tell it to do. In fact, you will get much more benefits from an organization that will be an equal business partner to you, able to advise and discuss what is best from a project success perspective. 

How does it manifest?

  • Responsibility. Top software companies are aware of the consequences of their actions, so they take responsibility for them. Customer satisfaction is important to them, as it allows them to build business relationships and market position.
  • Commitment. When an employee says "my project," you know that one takes ownership and is committed to his work. And that pays off. To quote Gallup, "companies with a highly engaged workforce have 21% higher profitability and 17% higher productivity than companies with a disengaged workforce." This attitude coincides with the DevOps culture and is typical of the best education software development companies.

Close partnership

Often people talk about the company-client relationship, when in fact in working on a product both parties form a team working towards a common goal. A close partnership allows for improvement in the quality of cooperation.

Why is that important?

  • Greater involvement. When you work closely with other people they become not only co-workers but also acquaintances. You understand them better, you look out for their interest, and as a result, you are more involved in your work together. And, as we said, higher commitment means higher productivity, and this directly translates into project quality. 
  • More effective cooperation. Any business relationship requires learning the approach, priorities, and mindset of the other party. A close partnership allows you to develop good cooperation practices and makes you understand each other better, which helps avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

How does it manifest?

  • Communication. Education software development companies that practice close partnership care about the quality of communication: update project status frequently, discuss concerns and possible solutions, and share ideas and industry news. This way you are aware of what is happening in the project and can make better decisions. 
  • Relationship. An important feature of a successful business partnership is building relationships. In this way, companies know each other's needs better and can more quickly find solutions that are best for the product and the nature of the brand. 


Transparency is a rare and extremely valuable virtue in the business world. The best education software development company will tell you frankly about the processes, progress, and successes, but also the challenges and mistakes of the project. 

Why is that important?

  • Speed of response. No one wants to admit that they did something wrong, but the truth is that in crises, the sooner you are aware of a mistake, the sooner you can react and avoid more serious problems. 
  • Better decision-making. Only with a full set of information about a product and its market situation can you make accurate decisions and react accordingly. A transparent company will tell you everything you need to know to manage your business best.
  • Building trust. Could you work with someone you don't trust? Exactly. Transparency allows you to build a sense of business security because you are aware of the status of your project, what to expect and what you are spending your money on.

How does it manifest?

  • Honesty. Every company likes to brag about its successes and show how well you did by hiring it, but transparency is about more than pretty words. A top software development company will be honest with you, tell you about difficulties and mistakes, share an opinion and warn you of the consequences. The truth can sometimes be ugly, but it is crucial in business cooperation.
  • High work culture. Transparency is a sign of a company's high work culture and accountability. It’s a sign that the organization has nothing to hide and can be open about its processes, solutions, and competencies. 
  • Cost and time estimation. Sometimes companies underestimate the time and budget needed for a project and then surprise you with hidden costs. A transparent company will give you the most accurate estimate of the resources needed for the collaboration and will keep you informed about how a particular decision will affect the development and production process.

Flexibility and reactiveness

The edutech industry is dynamic. New solutions are constantly appearing on the market, and the technologies used, mobile device standards and user trends are changing. Top education software development companies must be ready for these changes in order not to be left behind. 

Why is that important?

  • Modification of the original scope. There is probably no project whose final result is identical to the initial concept. In the process of work, new ideas, changes, and modifications often come, so it’s important that your software company can flexibly implement them. 
  • Innovation. Innovation has a way of lasting a short time. Today's solutions will be tomorrow's standard and a day later an outdated technology. To become a market leader you need flexibility and reactivity in the implementation and maintenance of your product.

How does it manifest?

  • Agile approach. A flexible and reactive software house uses agile approach practices such as working in sprints, DevOps culture, continuous delivery, and regular planning sessions. In this way, it can implement the next steps as quickly as possible and respond to changes in project priorities.
  • Time & Material. A fixed price for a project seems tempting because you know in advance how much you will pay for the product. On the other hand, this model is also very limiting because it is more difficult to modify the scope and respond to changes in the situation. Top education software development companies will offer you a time & material model, in which you pay only for the work done and receive regular invoices after each stage is completed. This solution is the standard for transparent and flexible businesses.


What types of software can educational companies create?

Everyone likes to learn in their own way, so educational software must meet the needs of different users. There are many types of such tools

E-learning platforms – software that allows you to learn specific skills by reading articles, doing exercises, taking exams and gaining levels.

Educational games – What could be better than learning through play? Apps using the potential of gaming allow you to learn to solve math tasks and logic puzzles, increase your vocabulary, learn geography or history. This is a very effective method of learning for younger users, but not only - more advanced games in which you have to fight a medieval battle or solve a quiz on nuclear physics will be an interesting option for adults as well.

Tutorials – The popularity of educational channels on YouTube gave rise to tutorial softwares, in which experts in a particular field provide hours-long video courses to learn new skills from scratch.

Live courses – Despite the fact that today we can learn everything ourselves, many people still prefer to attend regular classes led by a teacher. The solution is live courses, where a tutor meets online with a class group to work together on improving skills. This format is motivating for participants, as it implies some regularity and allows for questions and knowledge sharing.

Simulations – Virtual and augmented reality work well for creating simulations. Educational software that mimics airplane flight, mountain climbing or scuba diving allows participants to prepare for adventures in the real world. Such software also has applications in the field of psychology, such as workshops for dealing with social anxiety or post-traumatic stress.

Customized learning – An interesting solution to take into account the diverse needs of users are applications that allow the creation of custom courses. This solution is very eagerly implemented in companies to improve the onboarding process.

Motivational apps – people respond to rewards, even small and symbolic ones, which is why educational motivational apps are very popular. A system of badges, points, titles and even discount codes for products and services at partner companies is a great way to encourage users to learn.

Task generators – Specific goals systematize the learning process. One type of educational softwares is a task generator. Users are regularly given tasks to complete, such as write 5 sentences with the word "sophisticated," draw three portraits in half an hour, or record yourself talking for 10 minutes about how you can improve the quality of work in your company. Tasks allow you to develop creativity and quickly see progress in any area. 

Which software is used in education?


213,000 courses and 74,000 instructors make Udemy one of the largest e-learning platforms in the world. The software is mainly focused on the development of professional skills - users can learn programming, photo and video editing tools, copywriting, SEO and other competencies valuable a the job market. Udemy supports the creation of customized learning schedules by allowing users to include reminders and track their progress. Step-by-step video tutorials are the main content available on Udemy.


The Collegial app supports the digital development of businesses by enabling courses to be taught internally. Participants have the opportunity to learn skills that lead to business goals, over 28,000 learning items, peer-to-peer integration and support from the Success Team. The tool also offers a dashboard where managers can track their team's progress. 


An example of a mobile and desktop application for kids where participants can develop cognitive skills through more than 100 creative games and tasks. The software is tailored to children of all ages, does not display ads and allows tracking progress charts.


One of the most popular and effective language learning platforms in the world. Users can learn more than 40 languages by performing tasks of different types (listening, writing, speaking) and taking exams. The platform offers language certificates, a discussion forum, scoreboards and educational articles. Regular learning is rewarded with additional points that can be spent on upgrades.


An interesting option for creative souls is the Domestika e-learning platform. The site offers access to video courses on drawing, painting, computer graphics, ceramics, writing, knitting, decorating and more. The instructors at Domestika are artists, often awarded and exhibited in world galleries, so the platform provides opportunities to learn directly from the masters. A huge advantage of the app is also the large art community and the opportunity to show your work.

Which company has the best software developers?

Brainhub offers top software developers for educational products and more. First, the company adapts all qualities of top education software development companies. Second, it received the Forbes Diamond Award, the most prestigious award for business entities, in 2022. Third, it is ranked No. 3 in Clutch's Top Custom Software Development Companies Worldwide. Advanced technologies, the largest companies in the portfolio, transparent cooperation policies, and optimized processes make Brainhub the best choice for developing your educational software.

We have it all

As you can see, the best education software development company must be characterized by many qualities such as transparency, flexibility, business focus, responsibility, and agility. It must establish close partnerships, take ownership and deliver top-quality services so that your product meets the expectations of a demanding target audience. 

We know this very well, because these are the values that guide us at Brainhub. Working with us, you can expect regular meetings and feedback, high responsiveness to change, professional consulting, business analytics, working in an agile model, and the best tech stack support at every stage of conception, development, implementation, and maintenance of your product. 

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