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Top 7 Examples of .NET Applications

Last updated on
April 15, 2024


Examples of .NET applications

These 7 companies used .NET in their projects:

  • GoDaddy
  • UPS
  • Forza Horizon
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • BBC Good Food
  • Allegiance Consulting
  • American Cancer Society

Read on to learn more about these apps along with successes and problems .NET generated in the projects.


Top 7 Examples of .NET Applications

Are you thinking of switching to .Net to build your applications? If yes, this article covers examples of .Net applications and why the developers chose the toolset. 

But first, let's see why you should consider the switch.

The mobile app market is projected to generate revenues of $935 billion in 2023. This comes as no surprise as applications have become a key part of people's personal and professional lives. 

There are approximately 3.8 billion smartphone users across the globe. And the average smartphone owner uses ten apps daily. 

As a software engineer, the market offers tremendous opportunities. However, you need to have the right tools to build apps. 

This is why many developers are now turning to .NET. It's a powerful, feature-packed toolset for building desktop and mobile apps, web apps, and gaming and IoT solutions. 

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a US-based company that helps businesses succeed by offering industry-leading domain registration and hosting services. Its focus is on small independent businesses for which it provides a dedicated cloud platform.

According to GoDaddy, it has over 6,000 employees and 17 million-plus clients across the globe. Along with being robust and having great features, it is highly secure and intuitive, enhancing customer experience. 

Why Did They Choose .NET?

As a hosting provider for small businesses, GoDaddy is committed to offering highly efficient and scalable solutions. By using .NET Core with C#, GoDaddy is able to improve production performance, develop more solutions in a shorter period, and scale better. 

Beyond this, GoDaddy enjoys greater freedom to capitalize on new infrastructure technologies on Linux, such as Docker and Kubernetes. 

Here's what GoDaddy's Principal Software Architect, Jeremiah Gowdy has to say about .Net.

"I was able to quickly remediate 99 percent of the incompatibilities just by shifting from older APIs to the more preferred APIs that we use today."

2. UPS

With over a century under its belt, UPS is one of the largest package delivery companies. It handles over 19 million deliveries to over 220 countries and territories daily. 

To ensure it continues to deliver exemplary delivery services to its ever-increasing customer base, UPS invests $1 billion annually in innovative technologies. The UPS Mobile app is one such solution. It allows customers to manage, track, nickname shipments, estimate costs and delivery times, find UPS service locations, and create shipping labels on the go. 

Why Did UPS Choose .NET?

UPS had to deal with a fragmented web development process, as with most companies. As a result, pushing new features across multiple device platforms required a lot of work and time. 

However, after consolidating its codebase with a combination of tools, including .NET, UPS now enjoys faster time to market, enhanced efficiency, etc. 

Here's what Katie Duffy, the Application Architect of UPS, has to say:

"Conversation as a platform is the future, so it's great that we're already offering it to our customers using the Bot Framework and Azure. Even though we're just getting started with our bot, we believe we are the first in the shipping industry to offer this type of technology on social media."

3. Forza Horizon

Among the best examples of .NET applications is Forza Horizon, a racing video game developed by Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios. The game is published by Xbox Game Studios and was first released in 2012.

With each new release, it gains more and more fans. For example, when Forza Horizon 5 was released, it had over 10 million concurrent players, marking the biggest week for an Xbox Game Studios release. 

Why Forza Horizon Uses .NET

As Forza Horizon continues to gain popularity and grow in size, the infrastructure needed to support it also increases. Also, players expect top-notch graphics, efficient gameplay, and improvements with each release. 

While this was a challenge early on, things are much easier since Forza Horizon moved its code based on the .NET Framework and Internet Information Services (IIS) to Azure Cloud Services (Classic).  

Now Forza Horizon enjoys an ultra-low latency, accelerated networking, and a lower CPU utilization thanks to a high-performance path that reduces jitter. 

Tyler Hennessy, the Principal Software Engineering Lead of Turn 10 Studios, commented as follows:

"At launch, when we had over 1 million concurrent users, all 17 services autoscaled and end-to-end latency never went above 100 milliseconds."

4. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sets the bar when it comes to the movie world. One of its most popular features is the Oscars, an annual awards ceremony that celebrates the best performances.

Why the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts Uses .NET

In the past, most of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' data existed in isolated on-premise databases and even on paper. As you can imagine, that's highly inefficient.

After migrating to the cloud, it now enjoys streamlined IT development and can serve the members better. This comes via responsive online experiences across different types of devices.  

One of the reasons the Academy chose to use Azure is because Microsoft is best placed to understand .NET and SQL. 

Here's what Bev Kite, the Chief Information Officer of the Academy, said about the transitions:

"Azure gave us built-in scalability and high availability, which allowed us to take more risks. We were able to go from streaming just a few award categories to streaming all award categories, including Best Picture. Even better, because Azure is subscription-based, we no longer need to pay for more scalability before we need it."

5. BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food is a product of the BBC Worldwide brand. So as you can imagine, it's a provider of food-related content online. The content touches on recipes, health, family, and travel. 

While everyone loves a good meal, getting the time to plan for it or come up with a delicious recipe is rarely available. BBC Good Food helps with this as it provides all the necessary information that's accessible remotely.

Why BBC Good Food Uses .NET

With over 10,000 recipes and millions of visitors monthly, BBC Good Food knows that it can remain so popular by improving customer engagement and loyalty. 

By using .NET, the company was able to create a mobile-first solution that enhances the customer experience by offering personalized recommendations. 

Matt Pickering, the Managing Director of NV Interactive, best captures the intention and results:

"BBC Good Food wanted to move fast, and the only way to do that was to take a single platform approach. We knew Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin was the best choice for fast development while still helping ensure native-quality apps."

6. Allegiance Consulting

Allegiance Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a fintech company that provides complex financial planning systems based in South Africa. It started operations in 1999 with legal and business consultants. 

After years of continued growth, it now features UX specialists, quants, and talented developers to build advanced financial planning solutions. 

Why Allegiance Consulting Chose .NET

As the demand for financial planning systems increased, there was a need to accelerate the development process. In addition to the speed, it was important for solutions to be scalable and highly secure. 

Another reason the company turned to .NET is the need to reduce time to market and reach international markets with ideal solutions. 

The CEO of Allegiance Consulting, Kobus Barnard, explains:

"Our next steps? Automate our infrastructure layer that is hosted on Azure. We want to ensure that we can spin up new environments without human interaction, so we can deploy continuously using Azure DevOps as our base pipeline layer. We are also currently at IoT devices on the edge for enhanced security using FIDO keys and AI to further enhance the user experience on our SaaS applications."

7. American Cancer Society

On its mission to rid the world of cancer, the American Cancer Society greatly relies on volunteers. The organization uses mobile apps to keep them informed and actively support the cause.

Why the American Cancer Society Chose .NET

Due to high database costs, slow development, and disorganized processes, the society's IT team decided to adopt Microsoft Azure DevOps along with .NET Core as an open-source technology. 

As a result, data storage deployment costs have reduced significantly while funds raised have increased.

Ben Kaplan, the Senior Director of Digital Products at the American Cancer Society, puts it best:

"Results … have been simply phenomenal. The first year, we did 86 percent more revenue year over year. Last year, we did over 55 percent more revenue."


Some of the frequently asked questions about the examples of .NET applications include:

1. What are the types of .NET applications?

You can use .NET to create different types of apps, including console, Windows GUI, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows services, ASP.NET, workflow-enabled, and service-oriented apps.

2. What are NET-based applications?

These are applications built on .NET, a cross-platform, open-source developer platform.

3. What is NET example?

There are many examples of .NET applications such as GoDaddy, UPS, and Forza Horizon.

4. What are the three applications that can be developed under the .NET platform?

You can use .NET to build desktop and mobile apps, web apps, and gaming and IoT solutions.


When it comes to app development, .NET allows you to offer enhanced performance and customer experience while reducing costs. However, to enjoy such benefits, you'll need a reliable partner.

Brainhub is a company that's committed to helping businesses build scalable web and mobile applications. Get in touch with us today to accelerate your development. 




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