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10 Innovative Mobile Apps That Conquered the Market [2024]

Last updated on
January 11, 2024



10 Innovative Mobile Apps That Conquered the Market [2024]


It is said that the mobile application market began with the release of the first iPhone in 2007. Since then, smartphones and their software have been solving more and more human problems, changing our everyday life on a scale we couldn’t imagine in the past. In fact, we perform many of the most important activities with the support of mobile apps. Shopping, traveling, banking, news, sports, dating, education and even health monitoring – all those quite frequent* activities have been changed, influenced and supported by software.

<span class="colorbox1" fs-test-element="box1"><p>Note:</p>We do not compare the frequency of e-dating with weather tracking – however such a comparison could be interesting 🙂</strong></span>

This post presents the prevailing trends on the mobile application market in last years. You will learn what smartphone users were looking for and what unique features were appreciated over those months. And who knows – maybe you will be inspired by one of those innovative mobile apps and create a new product in 2022?

Top innovative mobile apps that gained popularity in 2019-2021

There is a very juicy report – “Digital 2019” presented by We Are Social and Hootsuite. It describes how the world continues to embrace the internet, apps, and social media. When it comes to mobile, the report finds that:

  • 67% of all users surf the Internet via smartphones.
  • That means that the number of unique global users increased by 100 million compared to 2018!
  • In the USA alone, in 2018, the number of downloaded mobile apps was nearly… 12 billion.

With these stats in mind, we have chosen some innovative mobile apps that made a “career” and were successful in 2019. Do these examples of apps answer modern user’s greatest needs? Serve to save time, money or resources? Or maybe it is pure entertainment for killing time? Let’s find out what mobile apps users valued last year.

1. Calm

Learn more about Calm - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: meditation
Android downloads: 10,000,000+
iOS reviews: 611.5K
Founded: 2012
Country of origin: USA

Main purpose: This app helps users to be more mindful – breathe better and meditate. Thanks to relaxing music, lessons on stretching and gentle movements, user may feel less anxious. Also, it supports restful sleep and lowers stress.

Unique features: guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, masterclasses, and relaxing music.


  • Apple’s “BEST OF 2018” winner
  • Apple’s “App of the Year 2017” title
  • Google Play Editor’s Choice 2018

What users say:

<blockquote><p>I absolutely love the Calm app! It’s a must have for everyone. Perfect for when I have too much going on inside my head and I lie awake for hours, which usually keeps me from getting a good night’s sleep. It’s like a timeout to center yourself and a soothing, comforting way for you to drift off to sweet sleep in Dreamland. I recommend it to everyone! Thank you Calm App, I’m so happy that I have you. </p><p>— Sharon Lowry, Calm user.</p></blockquote>

2. FaceApp

Learn more about FaceApp - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: photo editing
Android downloads: 100,000,000+
iOS reviews: 801.1K
Founded: 2017
Country of origin: Russia

Main purpose: This app on our innovative mobile app list was the first one to make you look older. Also, it became popular because of a widespread belief that Faceapp steals users’ photos and sends them to Russian government. It occured that the majority of servers are in the USA and have access only to those photos you submit to edit. This app allows you to edit and beautify your selfies or portraits with few taps – change your hairstyle, transform look or even swap genders.

Unique features: realistic aging and gender change simulations, transforming photos with AI

What users say:

<blockquote><p>Great app, has many practical applications. It can provide a simulation of how you would look like if older. Really the best feature is hair colors and hairstyles. If I was a hair stylist I can see myself using this app for demo purposes. It does collect your pictures, who they share it with is unclear or how they will use it. It’s subscription based app.</p><p> – Chris, FaceApp user.</p></blockquote>

3. KineMaster

Learn more about KineMaster - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: video editing
Android downloads: 100,000,000+
iOS reviews: 74K
Founded: 2002
Country of origin: South Korea

Main purpose: This one of innovative mobile apps is used for professional video editing. Despite being full-featured, it is user-friendly and has tools such as: multiple layers, blending modes, voiceovers, speed control, adding subtitles, transitions, or special-effects.

Unique features: professional rich video editor

Awards: The Best Editor’s Choice Video Editing App of the year, Google Play Store

What users say:

<blockquote><p>Supreme video editing does not have to be limited to desktop and laptop computers. With KineMaster, professionals and amateurs alike have access to tools that allow them to create magnificent videos with multiple effects on their mobile devices. This allows them to be productive and lets them work on their ideas even while they are on-the-go.</p><p>– Oliver Bright, KineMaster user.</p></blockquote>

4. Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more

Learn more about Relive - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: fitness, Outdoor tracker
Android downloads: 1,000,000+
iOS reviews: 15.7K
Founded: 2016
Country of origin: Denmark

Main purpose: This certainly is one of the most innovative mobile apps. Relieve is used for tracking and sharing any outside adventure. Also, it connects to many monitoring applications and lets users create stories and free 3D movies of their various activities.

Unique features: 3D videos of outdoor activities, tracking many activity factors

What users say:

<blockquote><p>Awesome activity tracker. Tracks so much more than just miles. Tracks elevation, speed, can track when you take photos and make a video. So much more than I was looking for in an app. </p><p>– Tera Jones, Relive user.</p></blockquote>

5. TikTok – Make Your Day

Learn more about TikTok - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: entertainment
Android downloads: 500,000,000+
iOS reviews: 35.8K
Founded: 2016
Country of origin: launched initially as Douyin in China in 2016, pushed out globally as TikTok in 2017

Main purpose: TikTok made it to our innovative mobile apps list as it lets users create original videos to capture, view and share your daily moments. It offers tools such as adding special effects, filters, or sounds. When it comes to viewing – TikTok also streams personalized video content made by other users. However successful it may be, this app was criticized for not giving royalties to artists whose music was used by TikTok creators.

Unique features: sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos


  • in the 1st quarter of 2018, this app was downloaded 104 times on the Apple App Store – more than any other app over the same period
  • ByteDance was valued at 75 billion dollars, which makes it the world’s most highly-valued privately-held startup

What users say:

<blockquote><p>This app makes it easy to Express yourself. If its cosplay, art, music, or comedy! There is a whole lot to do. You just make videos and scroll through videos. This app has made it easy for me to tell people my problems. You don’t even need likes. It’s the fact you know someone has watched it, then you can improve. Thanks Tik Tok 👍 </p><p>– Miranda Nelson, TikTok user.</p></blockquote>


Learn more about Webtoon - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: reading, entertainment
Android downloads: 50,000,000+
iOS reviews: 28.4K
Founded: 2017
Country of origin: South Korea

Main purpose: Webtoon successfully transfers regular comics into mobile – episodes are shown on long vertical strips (not on multiple pages) which makes it clear and pleasant to read on smartphones. The content is published mostly in color, with some featuring music and animations. Generations growing as huge fans of traditional comic books and anime are huge fans of this mobile app.

Unique features: publishing user-created comics and stories

Achievements: This innovative mobile app got a total of 100,000 views in 2018 and became the world’s most popular comic publisher.

What users say:

<blockquote><p>This is honestly the best I’ve been using. Not only because I love comics, but also it is really user friendly. It is easy to download the episodes, nice to read (e.g. in a bus), has a lot to offer. AND COMMUNITY I LOVE YOU. Comments from other webtooners are never judgy and I can feel like with a group of friends 🙂 keep up with a good work – and help more talented comic artists to grow:) </p><p>– Ewa FK, WEBTOON user</p></blockquote>

7. Weverse

Learn more about Weverse - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: social media
Android downloads: 1,000,000+
iOS reviews: 103
Founded: 2005
Country of origin: South Korea

Main purpose: The next one on the innovative mobile apps list is Weverse, which connects fans from around the world, serving as a “fancafe”. Users can get access to exclusive content and artists’ official releases that are not published anywhere else. This app also has a special feature, similar to Instagram’s Stories. It is called “Artists’ Moments” – fans can see artists’ “inspirational” posts that expire after 24h.

Unique features: connecting fans of the same creator, mobile “fancafe”

Achievements: Over 500,000 users have already registered for this mobile app.

What users say:

<blockquote><p>AWESOME! I love posting about Gfriend! But I wish [there] was a way that we could communicate with other fans better in comment sections. </p><p>– Weverse user.</p></blockquote>

8. Youper – Emotional Health

Learn more about Youper - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: emotional health app
Android downloads: 1,000,000+
iOS reviews: 8.4K
Founded: 2016
Country of origin: San Francisco

Main purpose: Youper was created to be the “first responder to emotional stress”, and it is spreading like wildfire around the globe. This is one of those innovative mobile apps that reads users’ moods and emotional condition to give feedback on their current state of mind. It offers mental support by showing how to meditate and achieve mindfulness.

Unique features: improving emotional health through quick conversations based on therapy techniques and mindfulness

Awards: “Best of 2018” in 2018 TOP APPS by Apple What users say:

<blockquote><p>I’ve been using Youper for little therapy chats throughout the day. It’s been a quick and efficient little helper. The chats are natural and encouraging, and great design and performance make it easier for me to keep coming back. Great work. Keep it up.</p><p>Pros: Conversations really feel like a therapeutic chat with a friend. I feel better after using it.</p><p>Cons: Could be easier to review past conversations.</p><p>– Jairet Crum, Youper user.</p></blockquote>

9. Canva

Learn more about Canva - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: photo editing, graphic design both for personal and business use
Android downloads: 50,000,000+
iOS reviews: 332.8K
Founded: 2012
Country of origin: Australia

Main purpose: This is a user-friendly tool that supports designing graphics and other online/printable materials for marketing or advertising purposes. Even people with no experience in visual or graphic design will be able to create a simple banner with a CTA for social media, a poster, or a brochure totally on their own as Canva offers hundreds of free design templates.

In 2019, Canva acquired Pixabay, a very popular website with free-to-use photos, graphics, and film footage.

Unique features: drag and drop image editing and composition


  • Standout Build for Billions Experience, Google Play Awards 2019
  • Canva has 20K users each month and 85% of all users are Fortune 500 companies.

What users say:

<blockquote><p>Great program to use! Can access anywhere and transfer designs easily to any platform for use or print. Premium version is definitely recommended and affordable for any company or individual looking for a program that offers a variety of use. Company seems to continually improve product and services with new options, images, and designs. Highly recommend! </p><p>– Kendra Robb, Canva user.</p></blockquote>

10. Webnovel

Learn more about Webnovel - one of the most innovative mobile apps in 2019.

Type: literature online
Android downloads: 1,000,000+ Installs 5,000,000+ on android, 7.2K Ratings on ios
iOS reviews: 8.4K
Country of origin: Hong Kong

Main purpose: Webnovel is another product on our innovative mobile apps list that offers daily updates of both new and classic stories and novels. It has an interesting element of gamification that allows user to continue reading next chapters: some books have special icons in upper corners called “Spirit Stones” – official digital currency. The Spirit Stones can be collected by various missions in the app and they can be used to read more novels, skip ads, and support book translators.

Unique features: fantasy and romance novels mostly

Awards: “Best of 2018 TOP APPS” by Apple

What users say:

<blockquote><p>There is really a big amount of books to read. You just need to find the ones you like. I know that everyone wants to earn money so most of the books are premium after reading it some time but you giving us a way to still read them is good. And this new interface is great. </p><p>– Webnovel user.</p></blockquote>

Innovative mobile apps run the market

Innovation fuels competitive ideas and helps creative people thrive. Innovative mobile apps provide users with solutions that answer their problems or needs, such as meditating, instant design, film editing tools or controlling stress. We must admit that Calm seems to be a good idea, especially in busy moments everyone has from time to time.

Would you personally use any of these apps? Do some of these apps seem inspirational? Do you already have an idea and want to talk about it? We are here – ready to transform your ideas into innovative mobile apps. Brainhub team offers support, expert knowledge and the best brainiacs in the world, no matter where you live – we’d be happy to help!

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