How React Native Increases Developer Productivity

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September 18, 2023



How React Native Increases Developer Productivity


React Native is a very useful mobile app development framework that lets you not only develop high-quality, high-performance apps, it also increases developer productivity. It allows you to finish an app project faster by speeding up the pace of your work.

It’s very important that you complete your work in a reasonable amount of time. You can’t just work for months or years to produce a great output. If it takes too long to build an application, it results in a loss of profits for your business.

Why is developer’s productivity important?

The answer is simple – fast app development will give you more revenue in less time.

If you are an app development agency the more apps your team can produce in a particular amount of time, the more money you can earn.

And if you’re not an agency, and just want to build an app for your business, the sooner you can complete the app and launch it, the sooner you can start making money with it.

How does React Native increase developer productivity?

Frameworks speed up work

Why were frameworks built when you can build extremely high-quality software using programming languages?

Frameworks were developed mainly to increase developer productivity, to make the development process faster and easier. As React Native is a framework, it significantly speeds up your mobile app development and makes it easier.

React Native also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing code editor. When you have the freedom to select any code editor, you can, without any issue, start working with a code editor that boosts developer productivity.

There are many text editors and IDEs that make your work a lot easier. Some examples are Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio, etc. These applications have features and tools that help you write code faster.

Components boost developer productivity

Why should you write code from scratch when there are plenty of useful components? Why should you reinvent the wheel?

React Native lets you reuse code written by other programmers, so you don’t have to write a code from scratch for every feature. For example, the navigation components such as React Navigation and Navigation experiment let you develop navigation quickly.

Code sharing

Code sharing greatly increases developer productivity.

React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development tool which allows you to build mobile apps for Android and iOS operating systems. This cross-platform tool lets you share most of your code for producing other apps for different platforms.

React Native developers can produce two apps for two different operating systems such as Android and iOS and spend almost half the time when compared to native development where two apps for two platforms are developed separately.

In simple words, you get two apps in the time it takes to build one app.

Hot Reloading

Hot Reloading is an amazing feature in React Native, which gives you a magical experience. It saves you a lot of time by allowing you to instantly reload your app.

Usually, whenever a change is made in the code, a developer recompiles the code to see how the modification changes/improves the app. This action is repeated hundreds or thousands of times depending on the project size.

Thanks to React Native you no longer have to waste time recompiling the code. The Hot Reloading feature instantly reloads your app, so you can instantly see how your app looks after each code modification.

Hot Reloading boosts developer productivity and lets you produce better results in less time.

Final thoughts

We know that React Native greatly increases developer productivity. But we also have to improve our personal productivity. Even though this framework enables faster app development, you can’t complete a project on time if your personal productivity is low.

Taking action can sometimes be difficult. We’re living in the age of the Internet, where we’re constantly being distracted by messages, emails, and notifications, so it may be difficult to fully concentrate on our work.

Cut distractions to improve your productivity!

If you don’t take massive action, you won’t get massive results, regardless of what tool you use.

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