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Top React Native App Development Companies in 2024

Last updated on
January 11, 2024



Top React Native App Development Companies in 2024

Top React Native App Development Companies - Shortlist

  1. Brainhub
  2. nomtek
  3. CheesecakeLabs
  4. Ideamotive
  5. eTeam
  6. GroovyWeb
  7. Tapptitude
  8. Apiko
  9. ChopDawg
  10. Atta Systems
  11. Scopic Software
  12. STRV
  13. Miquido
  14. S-PRO
  15. Netguru
  16. Agile Engine
  17. GeekyAnts
  18. Vincit

The companies are sorted from the ones that make an impact on the project immediately to the ones that need more time (to start or to deliver).

Note, that there’s no universally best choice. All the companies included in this toplist are great, there's no doubt. What differs them, is their approach to delivering products, their culture, and the range of their services.

There's a best choice for you. A company that fits your requirements and offers what you need most.

The diagrams below will help you to select the best provider of React Native app development services for your specific case.

Top React Native development companies – details

You’ll find here a set of crucial data about each vendor’s offer, like services, projects in portfolios, and skills. Crucial details to make the final call.


Brainhub is one of the top React Native app development companies.

Brainhub differentiates itself as an exceptional React Native app development service provider due to their remarkable technological proficiency. Their main focus is on providing digital acceleration and team augmentation solutions. They collaborate with a diverse range of businesses, including emerging scale-ups, startups, and established enterprises.

To secure the delivery of exceptional software, Brainhub follows an approach that prioritizes rapid iterations and comprehensive testing. This strategic method empowers them to consistently bring tangible business benefits through their outstanding software solutions.

REWARDS: Rising Star Awards from Deloitte: 50 Technology Fast Central Europe, FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies, Top .NET Developers 2023, Top 100 Sustained Growth Companies, Top 1000 Global Companies by Clutch, Top Software Developers 2023 by Clutch

SERVICES: web development, mobile development, desktop development, digital product development, UX/UI design, staff augmentation, digital transformation

SKILLS: designers, developers, QA specialists, business analysts, tech advisors, scrum masters, agile coaches, architects, JavaScript, TypeScript, React Native, NestJS, Node.js, React.js, Electron.js, GraphQL, Kubernetes, hybrid mobile app development, PWAs, UX design, UI design, fintech UX design & app development, game dev tool design & development, edtech app design & development, medtech app design & development

PORTFOLIO: National Geographic, Paradox Interactive, Jackbox Games, Screencloud, TC Global, Collegial, Beam, Heist Studios, Venture Harbour, Medicover GO

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 38 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: technical knowledge, quality of the code, project management abilities, proactive attitude, transparency, engagement, dedication, curiosity, being quick to implement feedback, being a part of a client's team, flexibility, commitment, being friendly and highly collaborative

CULTURE & VALUES: The company believes in ownership and proactive behavior. They cherish engaging in the full business process and love solving problems together through frictionless communication. They highly value making educated decisions. Cooperation, ownership, consistent growth, and sharing knowledge are very important for the team.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology




<h3 id="nomtek"> nomtek </h3>

nomtek is one of the top React Native development companies.

Nomtek is a software development agency from Poland founded in 2009. They focus on mobile app design and development, as well as on Augmented and Mixed Reality products. Clutch listed them among Top Mobile App Developers. They provide cross-functional teams and staff augmentation services. They pride themselves on delivering 200+ applications.

SERVICES: mobile app development, mobile app design, AR&XR app development, IoT app development, staff augmentation

SKILLS: consultants, product designers, software developers, QA testers, product managers, product owners, Unity, C++, AR, XR, IoT, Flutter, React Native, cross-platform apps, native mobile apps, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby on Rails, Node.js

PORTFOLIO: PONS, Ricardo.ch, Gebraucht.de, Switch & Co, Magic Leap, Unicity, Collectomate, Extradom.pl, Gymondo, Marley Spoon, T-Systems, ProSiebenSat1, Axel Springer, Newsweek

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 29 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: being result-oriented, quality, constant communication, being proactive and approachable, delivering more, flexibility, quality, responsiveness, positive attitude, being collaborative, talented team, working hard, well-trained and intelligent developers, availability, providing ideas and questions to improve and adapt the plans, challenging the client

CULTURE & VALUES: They believe in a safe, friendly, and productive environment. The team builds a common culture based on trust and transparency. They cherish strong relationships and believe in data, following a data-driven development loop.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Poland (Wroclaw), Germany (Berlin), USA (Washington)

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: eCommerce, marketplace, entertainment, fitness, health, communication, logistics, EdTech, metaverse, AV

<h3 id="cheesecake_labs"> CheesecakeLabs </h3>

CheesecakeLabs is one of the top React Native development companies.

CheesecakeLabs is a design and engineering company from the US. They were founded in 2013. The company offers multidisciplinary teams and focuses on mobile and web development. Clutch named them 10th mobile app development company worldwide in 2021 and 5th React Native development company. They were also listed in the Great Place to Work rank.

SERVICES: mobile app development, web development, UX/UI design, strategy and product definition

SKILLS: software engineers, QA engineers, mobile engineers, designers, project managers, product owners, native mobile apps, cross-platform mobile apps, React Native, Flutter, iOS development, Android development, React, Python, Node.js, quality assurance, testing, project management, UX, UI, Progressive Web App, IoT, Connected Hardware, Voice Assistants, Blockchain, wearables, Competitive Analysis, MVP specifications, MVP development, information architecture, visual design, prototyping, backend engineering

PORTFOLIO: Singularity University, Tapcart, AES, Cargill/Agriness, Skyroam, Lockitron

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 35 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: meeting project deadlines, impressive product management, responsiveness, professionalism, UI skills, proactive communication, thinking out of the box, high productivity, transparency, technical expertise, commitment to the end product

CULTURE & VALUES: For the team, flexibility is the key, but they never compromise quality. They value responsibility and taking ownership - taking the initiative and communicating clearly is crucial for them. Respect and embracing differences are also important for the company that cares about the well-being of the whole team. They love sharing knowledge and building a community based on collaboration. They encourage original ideas and innovative solutions.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: USA (San Francisco, CA)

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: energy and natural resources, FinTech, hospitality, media, leisure, retail, eCommerce, supply chain, logistics and transport

<h3 id="ideamotive"> IdeaMotive </h3>

Ideamotive is one of the best React Native development companies.

IdeaMotive is a software development company from Poland, founded in 2014. They like working with startups, scale-ups, and enterprises. The company provides a diverse source of talents, since some of their developers work on-site and some are freelancers. They also outsource CTOs. They call themselves a go-to marketplace for hiring developers and cross-functional teams.

SERVICES: web development, mobile development, digital design, AI development & research

SKILLS: software developers, UX/UI designers, business consultants, AI & ML developers, Big Data engineers, Project Managers, DevOps engineers, JavaScript, React, React Native, Angular, Node.js, Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, AWS, .NET, C#

PORTFOLIO: Nielsen, JRPass, Packhelp, CarPal Fleet, Memcare, GoGetty, Lauber (InterCars), Mediatask, SnowShow, Marvipol, Tripbuilder Tours, XTB, HAVAS, Reykjavik District, Fasadio

REVIEWS: 5.0 stars on Clutch from 25 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: efficient communication style, delivering on time within budget, meeting the business goals, a clear process, transparency, effective project management, working independently, executing and improving client’s ideas, being collaborative, professionalism, expertise, flexible resources, progressive approach to the client’s needs

CULTURE & VALUES: They strongly believe in the Agile mentality. The company follows the growth-first principle. They call themselves a talent-driven company, providing a holistic business approach and being agile-driven.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Poland (Warsaw)

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: EdTech, manufacturing, marketplace, media & entertainment, MedTech, SaaS, travel

<h3 id="eteam"> eTeam </h3>

eTeam is one of the top React Native app development companies.

eTeam is a web and mobile app development company from Ukraine, founded in 2016. They offer managed teams and staff augmentation. They most often work with startups and small businesses. Clutch named them one of the Top 1000 Companies Globally in 2021.

SERVICES: web app development, mobile app development, UX/UI design

SKILLS: developers, designers, QA engineers, project managers, DevOps engineers, React, React Native, Node.js, Golang, TypeScript, Ruby, Kotlin, Swift, MongoDB, Angular.js, Express, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Google Cloud, Azure, data science, data engineering, data analysis, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, DevOps, project management, MVP

PORTFOLIO: VanillaDirect Pay, InComm, Bluesnap, Genie, Taksware, Elegant Open Banking, Armatic, Roost, Hirebook

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 25 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: high standards of work and high quality, transparency, outstanding project management, flexibility, top-notch coding skills, diversity of the team, engagement, responsive and skilled approach, adjusting when issues arise, independence, understanding the business needs

CULTURE & VALUES: They cherish growth and career development, as well as establishing a great work environment for their employees. They care about bringing more value to the table, and sharing their experience beyond just making apps.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Ukraine (Kyiv), Mexico (Guadalajara), USA (Aliso Viejo, CA)

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: FinTech, telecommunications, banking, IT services, retail, EdTech, fitness, health, recruitment

<h3 ="groovy_web"> GroovyWeb </h3>

GroovyWeb is one of the best React Native app development companies.

GroovyWeb is a web and mobile app development company from India, founded in 2015. Clutch listed them among Top software developers in 2021. They say the term “groovy” means excellent and that depicts who they are. They pride themselves on working with more than 250 customers, and delivering more than 500 projects.

SERVICES: mobile app development, web development, SaaS development, MVP development, web design, desktop app development

SKILLS: software engineers, QA engineers, project managers, UX designers, MongoDB, ExpressJS, React.js, Node.js, React Native, Ionic, Flutter, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Firebase, Wordpress, Magento, Angular.js, Vue.js, Next.js, Electron.js, Python, AWS, chatbot development, cross-platform apps, prototyping

PORTFOLIO: MyCribBooking, XtraRecharge, BuyandSellOffers, Pipeline Management, Maji Masseuse, Vitim & Cyberfish AG, BowlersMart, Jive Market, Swiss Skyways

REVIEWS: 5.0 stars on Clutch from 33 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: flexibility, adaptability in changing requirements, commitment, dedication, technical competence, communication skills, ownership for the project, being trustworthy, reliability, responsiveness, positive approach, paying close attention to the client’s needs, willingness to support long-term goals, having schedule under control

CULTURE & VALUES: They believe in transparent communication and planning as necessary condition for errorless development. They are curious, challenge-loving, and passionate. The team prides themselves on giving their clients undivided attention no matter the industry or amount quoted. They say their mantra is dedication, determination, and excellence.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: India, Nadiad, GJ, Ahmedabad, GJ, Australia, Queensland, Germany, Berlin

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: EdTech, MedTech, fitness, eCommerce, business services, IT services, sports

<h3="tapptitude"> Tapptitude </h3>

Tapptitude is one of the top React Native development companies.

Tapptitude is a product studio from Romania, founded in 2013. They focus on mobile app development and love working with startups and established brands. They pride themselves on delivering over 100 apps. 

SERVICES: Product strategy and definition, UX/UI design, Mobile and web development, Product growth, Full Testing and QA

SKILLS: developers, designers, product managers, QA engineers, AI, Machine learning and data science, native iOS app development, native Android app development, React Native, Flutter, React, Angular, Vue, Node.js, PHP, Golang, manual testing, automated testing, Data and AI strategy, Data mining, Data visualisation, Machine learning implementations, Natural language processing, Deep learning, MVP, product scaling, product maintenance, product strategy, product definition, competition research, product design

PORTFOLIO: Tenor, Glorify, Wellory, Ontapp, OxWash, Speaken, Olly, Shebah, SAP, Turk Telekom, ETH Zurich, Discogs, Imobiliare, Telenav, Honda

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 47 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: understanding the client’s needs and helping them shape the product, responsive communication, honesty, solid project management skills, passion, commitment, producing quality work within the expected timeframe, communicating clearly and consistently, being organized, explaining the process in depth for clients, friendliness, supportive nature

CULTURE & VALUES: They focus on efficiency and effectiveness, and call themselves product smart. They cherish friendship and having fun together as a team They value knowledge, growth, passion for software development and learning new things. The team is hardworking and loves working closely with the clients, forming close partnerships.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Romana (Cluj-Napoca)

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: IoT, health, PropTech, FinTech, marketplaces and retail, social platforms, arts, entertainment & culture, automotive, business services, IT services

<h3 id="apiko"> Apiko </h3>

Apiko is one of the top React Native app development companies.

Apiko is a software development company from Ukraine, founded in 2014. Clutch listed them among Top app developers for startups 2021, Top 1000 Companies Globally in 2021, and Top Developers from Ukraine in 2021. They provide Apiko Academy - online courses for developers.

SERVICES: web app development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, software testing, MVP development, DevOps services, IT consulting, marketplace development

SKILLS: software engineers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, Project Managers, designers, JavaScript, TypeScript, React Native, React.js, Node.js, Next.js, Meteor, Express, GraphQL, .NET, C#, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, business analysis, UI development, concept development, serverless architecture, enterprise software, digital transformation, legacy modernization

PORTFOLIO: Hive, A.Anthony Corp, LetApp, Hire Action, Lin Engineering, Markid, Goodlife Sorted, HorseDeal24, Inlist, Plio, Tutor House, Carpe Datum, ExpoIQ

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 25 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: working quickly and efficiently, caring about the client’s business and results, engagement, technical skills, critical thinking, challenging client’s vision, thoughtful approach, willingness to educate the internal team, positive and friendly attitude, flexibility, responsiveness

CULTURE & VALUES: The team takes transparency very seriously. They always strive for unprecedented quality and long-term relationships. Strong tech skills are very important to them.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Ukraine, Ternopol, USA (Soquel, CA), Germany (Paderborn), Denmark (Copenhagen), Australia (Barwon Heads, Victoria)

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: eCommerce, retail, FinTech, e-learning, business services, manufacturing, EdTech, banking, real estate, task management, accommodation rental, travel, lifestyle

<h3 id="chop_dawg"> ChopDawg </h3>

ChopDawg is one of the best React Native app development companies.

ChopDawg is a software development company founded in 2009. The company’s mission is to guide each business they work with towards the right game plan for long-term success. They were listed among Top B2B companies 2020 and 2021 by Clutch, an featured by Mobile App Daily among Top iOS mobile app developers of 2020.

SERVICES: mobile app development, web app development, custom wordpress sites development, prototype development, app maintenance, strategy and prototyping

SKILLS: project managers, developers, designers, QA-testers, Mixed Reality, IoT, Voice, Wearables, Artificial Intelligence, cross-platform apps, UX design, UI design, Product Strategy & Prototyping, App Branding, Mobile Backend Engineering, App Analytics Integration, React Native, React, PHP, Objective-C, Swift, conversational user interfaces (CUIs), natural language processing, Custom-built chatbots, mobile product strategy

PORTFOLIO: Nightingale Healthcare, ForeverRX, MyOutdoors, Mister Softee, LA Gear, Choice Home Warranty, Petland, University Of Washington, Hilton, Six Flags Great Adventure, Siemens

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 60 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: expertise, quality of work, flexible approach, transparency, good communication skills, honest and helpful approach, commitment to understanding the project's needs, solid project management skills, proactiveness

CULTURE & VALUES: They highly believe in collaboration. The company values transparency and honesty - they claim they’re not afraid of telling that an idea isn’t viable. They value feedback and every opportunity to improve. They focus on working together and supporting each other.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: real estate, consumer products and services, MedTech, retail, supply chain, logistics and transport, business services

<h3 id="atta_systems"> Atta Systems </h3>

Atta Systems is one of the best React Native development companies.

Atta Systems, formerly known as AB4 Systems, is a software development company founded in 2015 and located in Romania. They get involved in medium-sized projects, helping large international organizations, high-growth companies, and founded startups. They were listed among Top developers from Romania in 2021 by Clutch.

SERVICES: mobile development, web development, product strategy, product design, software engineering, data science, testing, product marketing

SKILLS: designers, developers, branding, roadmapping, user research, UX design, UI design, backend development, frontend development, hybrid app development, DevOps, Wearable & TV OS Development, VR/AR Development for Oculus Platform, Bot and Conversational Interface Development, Machine Learning and AI, predictive modeling, forecasting, statistical analysis, Business Intelligence/Analytics, Quality Assurance & Testing, communication strategy, user acquisition, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Angular, Vue.js, Java, Firebase

PORTFOLIO: UNICEF, World Bank, Ernst & Young, Carrefour, OCHA, SkinVision, Medicai, Yepp, UrbanAir, Baloo, Nutrient IQ, SkinVision

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 24 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: proactivity, flexibility, openness, solid process, understanding of the client’s brand, transparency, responsive approach, communicating challenges proactively, dedication, keeping the project on track, ability to understand the business needs, expertise, strong listening skills

CULTURE & VALUES: They believe that the team is their most important asset, so they take management, mentoring, and coaching seriously. The company helps employees in accelerating their professional career growth. The team is driven by the impact and value created for the people. They love challenges, value teamwork, integrity, and commitment. Craft and passion are important for them, as well as embracing change.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Romania (Bucharest), USA (Mountain View, California), UK (London), Singapore

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: MedTech, EdTech, FinTech, government and administration

<h3 id="scopic_software"> Scopic Software </h3>

Scopic is one of the best React Native app development companies.

Scopic Software is a software development and digital marketing company from the US. They have a strong portfolio of healthcare software development. Most of their clients are medium and small businesses. They proud themselves of having completed over 1000 projects.

SERVICES: web development, web app development, mobile app development, desktop app development, UX/UI design, digital marketing, consulting services

SKILLS: developers, QA engineers, designers, project managers, UX, UI, responsive design, cloud migration, application maintenance, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, C++, .Net, Java, Ruby, microservices architecture, multi-tenant architectures, multi-tier architecture, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, React, Angular, Node.js, PHP, .Net, Java, AWS Serverless Computing, SQL, MongoDB, AR/VR, Computer Vision, DevOps, JavaScript, cross-platform apps, native mobile app development, PPC, SEO

PORTFOLIO: Arizona Medicare Pros, RokketMed, Endovantage, Mediphany, Houston Pump and Gear, OrthoSelect, Thankster, EponaTech, dSurf, Homegrown Nursery, SketchList

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 34 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: ability to handle complex tasks under any circumstances, strong listening skills, systematic approach, willingness to share their experience, creativity, sense of direction, methodical approach to project management, flexibility, high-level expertise

CULTURE & VALUES: They call themselves a team of innovators. They are passionate and keen on gaining knowledge and growing. They value diversity, lead with empathy and kindness, show appreciation regularly, trust the employees, and build a dream culture on these values, working 100% remotely.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology



INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: MedTech, FinTech, manufacturing, IT, EdTech, health&fitness

<h3 id="strv"> STRV </h3>

STRV is one of the top React Native app development companies.

STRV is a software design and engineering company founded in Czech Republic in 2004. They were listed among the Top 1000 Global Companies on Clutch in 2020 and were a laureate of Deloitte Technology Fast 50. They were also listed among Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies by Financial Times. The company focuses on mobile development and likes working with leading startups from the top US accelerators.

SERVICES: mobile app development, web development, custom software development, UX design

SKILLS: designers, developers, JavaScript, Node.js, C#, Python, Golang, native mobile app development, PWA development, React Native, React, machine learning, AR/VR, QA testing, product strategy, market research, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, data engineering, Business Intelligence, prototyping, hybrid mobile apps, Next.js, Gatsby, GraphQL, Redux, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, GCP, Azure, QA testing

PORTFOLIO: Microsoft, The Athletic, ClassDojo, Hallmark, Barry’s, MedMen, Opkix, LegalZoom, Eaze, Songclip, Lufthansa, Boosted, AiFi

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 34 reviews.

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: professionalism, availability, collaborative nature, ability to explain tech in simple terms, understanding of business vision and goals, high-level expertise, the quality of the code, responsiveness, adaptability, being timely and efficient, well-organized and nice team, staying on time and budget, dedication, reliability, communication skills.

CULTURE & VALUES: They value building strong relationships with clients, based on a human approach, open communication, and honest feedback. They claim that the movement forward makes them who they are. They call themselves people who genuinely care and hire not only based on skills but also character, passion, and determination. Responsibility is one of their values. They embrace the culture of knowledge sharing

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Czech Republic (Prague, Brno) USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco)


<h3 id="miquido"> Miquido </h3>

Miquido is one of the top React Native app development companies.

Miquido is a software development agency from Poland, founded in 2011. They pride themselves on providing 360° services. The company was listed among the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in 2016 as the fastest growing mobile development company in CEE. They also are a Google Certified Agency.

SERVICES: web development, mobile development, product design, Artificial Intelligence, product strategy, digital transformation, legacy modernization

SKILLS: designers, developers, project managers, JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.js, Golang, Java, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript, Kubernetes, native mobile app development, cross-platform mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Vision, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, cloud app development, cloud deployment, UX design, UI design, Business Intelligence, product strategy, workshop, NLP, market research, prototyping, Proof of Concept, innovation research, UX workshops, UX audit

PORTFOLIO:  Skyscanner, Abbey Road Studios, BNP Paribas, Santander Bank, Herbalife, Play, TUI, Empik, Onkyo Music, HelloFresh, Pando, Klassik Radio, HID, Nestle, Aviva, AXA, SBAB, Nextbank

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 36 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: reliability, flexibility, consistency, quick turnaround time, ability to onboard rapidly, versatile range of skills and capabilities, transparency, communication skills, commitment, work ethic, efficiency, meeting deadlines, having can-do attitude, integrating seamlessly into teams

CULTURE & VALUES: They cherish transparency and honesty – also in terms of telling the client why their vision won’t translate into business success and advising better solutions. Delivering business value is crucial for the company. They put people first, along with their personal growth, competence development, and overall satisfaction.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Poland, Cracow

INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: FinTech (banking, insurance), eCommerce, MedTech, entertainment

<h3 id="spro"> S-Pro </h3>

S-Pro is one of the best React Native development companies.

S-Pro is a software development company founded in Ukraine in 2014. FinTech is their specialty. They were recognized by Clutch as a Global Top 1000 Company in 2021 and as one of the Top development companies from Ukraine. They were also named One of the Most Reviewed Blockchain Companies in Ukraine by The Manifest. The company often works with startups and partners with accelerators like Founder Institute, Sente.Link, BCCS Cluster.

SERVICES: web development, custom software development, product discovery services, product design

SKILLS: developers, designers, blockchain, API development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, UX design, UI design, architecture, PoC, infrastructure engineering, MVP, product migration strategy, quality assurance, React.js, Angular.js, Node.js, Python, Java, Golang, PHP, Laravel, Firebase, React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Big Data, cloud, DevOps, branding, cloud engineering

PORTFOLIO: MeterQubes, Hubspring, TSO Chinese Delivery, Climate Drops, PolarPro

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 32 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: outstanding ability to deliver, professional yet friendly communication, responsiveness, being a reliable partner, energetic approach, excellent project management, engagement, passion, commitment, personal approach, flexibility

CULTURE & VALUES: They strongly focus on continuous improvement and are hungry for knowledge. The team prides themselves on having a product mindset. They cherish high-quality and value an innovative approach to work.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Ukraine, Kyiv

INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: FinTech, HealthCare, Renewable Energy, hospitality, logistics & transportation, manufacturing, hi-tech

<h3 id="netguru"> Netguru </h3>

Netguru is one of the top React Native development companies.

Netguru is a software agency founded in 2008 in Poland. They were named a Great Place to Work® in 2021, recognized as “Impact Stars” by Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe, and listed among the Gazelles of Business – as one of Poland’s most dynamically growing business. They like challenges and strive to work on projects that bring change to everyday reality.

SERVICES: web development, mobile development, product design, UX/UI design, digital transformation, workshops

SKILLS: developers, designers, quality assurance, agile project management, Ruby on Rails, React.js, Node.js, Python, React Native, Flutter, native mobile app development, product management consulting, machine learning, business intelligence, quality assurance, cloud application, cybersecurity, branding, UX review, UX design, UI design

PORTFOLIO:  Volkswagen, OLX, Keller Williams, Damac, Solarisbank, Moonfare, Finstreet

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 40 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: flexibility, commitment, engagement, openness to learn, high quality, building strong relationship with client's team, strong problem-solving skills, strong project management skills, taking ownership, striving for continuous improvement, clear and understandable process

CULTURE & VALUES: They always aim to exceed the client’s expectations. The team strongly believes in ownership and the power of questioning the status quo. They love experiments and cherish learning from both successes and failures. Among the team's values are partnership and continuous growth.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Poland, Poznań

INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: finance and banking, retail, eCommerce, healthcare, EdTech

<h3 id="agile_engine"> Agile Engine </h3>

AgileEngine is one of the top React Native development companies.

AgileEngine is a company founded in 2010 and HQed in the Washington DC area. They prefer to work with VC startups and renowned tech brands. The company offers dedicated remote teams and onsite consulting. They claim that they hire top 3% talent, mostly through referrals.

They were ranked among the fastest-growing US companies on the Inc 5000 list, featured among the top 3 software developers in DC on Clutch, and named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Washington DC by Washington Business Journal.

SERVICES: mobile development, web development, UI development, UX design, software testing

SKILLS: software engineers, designers, QA engineers, delivery managers, tech leaders, iOS development, Android development, cross-platform apps, React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective-C, frontend development, backend development, React, Redux, Angular, Vue, VR, microservices, blockchain, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, serverless architectures, ML and AI solutions, IoT, enterprise software, website design, automated testing, manual testing, BDD, TDD

PORTFOLIO: Bloomberg, Estée Lauder, TransVoyant. Groupon, Delivery Hero, Funny or Die, Frichti, Bleacher Report, The Medical Team, Verified First, FarmersEdge, WMware, Kantox, TechStyle, Syncurity

REVIEWS: 5.0 stars on Clutch from 43 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: proactiveness, ability to identify solutions to problems quickly, responsiveness, clear communications, and vast technical expertise, design skills, flexibility, dedication, creativity, adaptability, independence, a hardworking team

CULTURE & VALUES: The company names their culture “Work hard play hard”. They perceive it as a key to a team becoming a family. AgileEngine is all about being open-minded and ready for a change. They cherish trust-based culture and work-life balance. Team members are valued both as professionals and human beings. The company also promotes the learning culture.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: USA (Miami, Washington DC), Mexico (Guadalajara, Mexico City), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Colombia (Bogota), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Chernivtsi), India (Hyderabad)

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: eCommerce, FinTech, business services, media, supply chain, logistics and transport

<h3 id="geeky_ants> GeekyAnts </h3>

GeekyAnts is one of the top React Native app development companies.

GeekyAnts is a design and development company from India, founded in 2006. They provide dedicated teams and end-to-end product development. The company's core services are web and mobile development. The team created React Native’s UI library NativeBase. They are Google’s official service providers and authors of Flutter’s official documentation. They offer a crash course for programmers as an employment initiative.

SERVICES: web app development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, API development, consulting

SKILLS: React.js, Angular, Flutter, Svelte, Golang, Node.js, React Native, Laravel, Python, Vue.js, TypeScript, Firebase, AWS, GraphQL, Next.js, Express, microservices, cross-platform apps, UX research, UX design, UI design, DevOps, project management, quality assurance, MVP, branding, business analysis

PORTFOLIO:  Siveco Romania, ChildMind Institute, Tellius, PayPoint, QuinType, EndLink, Mobile Premier League, Lamno, Cloud9, Khatabook

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 45 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: high-quality work, seamless project management, understanding the business objectives, commitment, proactivity, transparency, ownership, collaborative attitude, addressing feedback professionally and in a timely manner

CULTURE & VALUES: One of the top company values is constant learning and sharing of experiences. Transparency and timely communication are at the core of their teamwork. They highly value constant feedback facing problems ahead of time. They also cherish the highest quality of work and strive to perfection.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: India (Bangalore), US (California), UK (London)

INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: healthcare, finance, education, banking, gaming, manufacturing, real estate, e-commerce

<h3 id="vincit"> Vincit </h3>

Vincit is one of the top React Native development companies.

Vincit is a custom software development company from California, founded in 2007. It’s an employee public company. They were listed among Top B2B companies from California and Best and Brightest B2B Firms 2021 by Clutch and named a Best Workplace for Innovators by Fast Company. They also won the Best Workplace award from Great Place to Work in Finland 3 times, and once in Europe.

SERVICES: mobile app development, mobile app design, web app development, web app design, branding, UX/UI design, Shopify development

SKILLS: engineers, designers, project managers, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, React Native, native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps, iOS development, Android development, React, Angular, Gatsby, Node.js, Google Cloud, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, C/C++, Shopify, strategy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, data science, advanced analytics, TensorFlow, PyTorch, brand identity, strategy and digital roadmap

PORTFOLIO: Logitech, Nokia, Yamaha, Stich & Tie, Roadtrip Nation, GE Healthcare, Tapatio Hot Sauce, Sharp, Superoperator, United Armor Gear, KCRW, Metso, Sigora, Fastems, Kelloggs

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 22 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: great communication skills, responsiveness, being available to resolve any issues, being forward-thinking, transparency, asking the right questions, being goal-oriented, hard-working, and approachable, professionalism, being collaborative, high-quality work, reliability, good project management skills

CULTURE & VALUES: The company’s main goals are employee happiness and client happiness. They have a strong sense of community and are never stagnant. They highly value the spirit of ingenuity. A role of a leader is a duty-driven role at their team. Employees are in control of what they need for their role and they have support in investing in personal growth.

METHODOLOGY: Agile methodology


LOCATION: Finland (Tampere, Helsinki, Turku), USA (California - Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Orange County, Arizona - Phoenix)

INDUSTRIES THEY'RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: automotive, consumer products, advertising&marketing, business services, media, transportation

Comparison: crucial characteristics of each company

Let’s start with the basics - analyzing the age of each company and the team size. 

These facts may be crucial especially for big projects (budget-big and team-big).

Each part we discuss is explained in detail to make your decision as easy as possible.

Years on the market

Comparison of top React Native app development companies and how long they are on the market.

Which companies are better: new, fresh ones or the mature ones?

We don’t want to replay stereotypes here, so let’s cut to the point.

Companies that exist on the market for a long time achieved maturity in their processes. Age translates into their experience. They're probably especially experienced in chosen industries. On the other hand, you may meet with more bureaucracy and stiff procedures here. All depends on their culture.

What about younger companies?

They most often have a fresh look at things, are less opinionated, and have more flexible procedures. The fact that they are small doesn’t mean you end up with a team of junior developers. Small companies can also be filled with seniors.

However, experience is something you need to check. Companies from this toplist have documented experience in various projects and industries. In case of looking further, remember to carefully check the portfolio of a chosen vendor.

Team size

Comparison of the size of the best React Native app development companies.

Many developers on board often doesn’t mean the company can start the cooperation quickly. They need to maintain a sufficient buffer and manage their resources wisely to provide that.

In the case of big companies, there are often many formalities to go through before the project can start.

Smaller companies will often speed those formalities up for you, to kick the project off faster.

They work more flexibly and often are able to approach the partnership in a more personalized way, especially in terms of building a team. Plus, a small company may care more for their clients.

Of course, if you need a huge team, a small company may not be able to respond to your needs.

Comparison: their approach

In most cases, a company's approach to deliver products translates directly into your product's success. Delegating the development and coming for ready-made is one solution. But it will most likely come with surprises.

Finding a true partner, who not only understands business and challenges your vision, but also shares knowledge with you and brings real improvements to your team - that's a proven way to an awesome product bringing the highest ROI.

Only the best companies provide that.

Even a well-organized and transparent process that allows business owners to keep the finger on a pulse of delivering their vision is only a tip of the iceberg.

It’s crucial to know how they plan to deliver value for your business.

How to assess?

A company’s approach to deliver a project and cooperate with clients is visible:

  • in their reviews,
  • in clients' testimonials,
  • on their website,
  • social media pages,
  • and blog (or other content they provide).

Fortunately, you don't have to analyze this from scratch - we've got you covered.

To assess their approach, we checked how the companies were engaging in the past projects, and what clients are saying about them in testimonials and reviews. Plus, of course, we dived deep into their websites, blogs, content, and social media profiles.

Business-success approach

Comparison of top React Native development companies and their business approach.

The business-success approach manifests through putting business analysts in a development team and providing business consulting. Through asking the right questions, challenging your vision, and giving specific solutions based on experience.

And also through providing developers with a proper level of business-related knowledge, or backing the team by mentors and tech leaders.

It all comes down to the lack of knowledge silos, proper analysis of factors that influence business success of your products, and making necessary improvements along the way.

Tearing down the boundaries between development and business on various levels and sharing knowledge is crucial for a product’s success.

The bigger value the company puts to providing business support and using your business goals as a northstar, the better.

Consultancy attitude

Comparison of top React Native development companies and their consultancy attitude.

Consulting may associate with providing tips, but in its most valuable form it's more like sharing knowledge.

Having a consultancy attitude means a vendor’s team mentors and supports your team, and shares with your developers various aspects of their expertise. It may concern technical knowledge, but also project management or design. 

Cooperation with a company with the highest consultancy attitude ends up with your processes improved, and your developers' tech skills levelled up. The company teaches you and when your cooperation ends, you're able to continue by yourself with confidence.

That's not a typical approach to outsourcing and probably the biggest value you can derive from the cooperation with top React Native development companies.

DevOps abilities

Comparison of top React Native development companies and their DevOps abilities.

By DevOps, we don’t only mean the Cloud and continuous deployment. We mean the whole DevOps culture.

In its essence, the DevOps culture is based on tearing down the boundaries between development and operations. The goal is to remove the knowledge silos that often stand in a way of a product's success, and to cooperate closely.

Besides increased transparency, it entails better communication, flawless collaboration, and a more satisfied team. And as a consequence - a better product.

Time to impact

Compare how quickly top React Native development companies can make an impact on new project.

Time to impact is influenced by the company’s processes.

Among them:

  • how they manage their resources,
  • how many formalities are needed before the project starts,
  • how much time does the onboarding process take.

Besides that, it's important how they compose teams. If the company offers the support of tech advisors or tech leaders, time to impact will be faster.

Time to impact can be faster when they use Agile methodology (and every company on that toplist does) and offer workshops.

Ownership attitude

Learn more about the top React Native development companies by comparing their ownership attitude.

Taking ownership means accepting the possibility of making mistakes and knowing how to deal with them.

It means being able to make independent decisions. When the team doesn’t have to be babysitted by the client.

You can observe the ownership attitude in more transparency and better communication. The team has nothing to hide because they own their mistakes.

If they're not afraid to take ownership, most likely they're experience, knowledgeable, and their processes are fine-tuned.

High ownership attitude translates into more transparency, honest and open communication, and finally a better product, because the development team knows how to deal with problems.

Partnership attitude

Comparison of top React Native development companies and their level of partnership attitude.

A true partnership means sinking into your team. Being a part of it and caring about your success.

The opposite? Traditional outsourcing, when you delegate a task to an external partner and they just deliver.

High partnership attitude results in more openness in communication and a better, flawless cooperation. It also entails the final success of your product - if they care as much as you do and sink into the project that much, they will make decisions with your business success in mind.

With the high partnership attitude, the collaboration works a lot better.

Summary - Top React native development companies for various industries

Below you'll find a quick cheat sheet of the best React Native development companies for particular industries.

Top React Native app development companies for FinTech

Top React Native app development companies for EdTech

Top React Native app development companies for eCommerce

Top React Native app development companies for MedTech

To sum up

This toplist represented 18 best React Native development companies - based on their reviews, expertise, and experience.

But it also wasn't a typical toplist. This one, above all, was a detailed comparison of 18 awesome companies and their approaches to deliver products and cooperate with clients.

Why? Because (in our opinion and based on our experience) that’s the best set of data to filter out a vendor that suits your project.

Hope it helped you!

What to do next?

Proceed with your research by analyzing other toplists or contacting favorite companies right away.

Before deciding to start the cooperation, remember to:

  • Check the way they manage a project
  • Recognize your role in the project
  • Check the details about their portfolio
  • Make sure you’re the owner of the source code

Pay attention to culture fit, mutual understanding, and the natural flow between you and the vendor’s team.

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