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5 Tips on How to Develop Talents in Your Company

Last updated on
September 28, 2023



5 Tips on How to Develop Talents in Your Company


We’re continuing the topic of developing talent within an organization. We wrote about this issue in our last post: “Talent Development: How to Build an IT Dream Team.”

Today, we give you some practical advice that you can use in your work!

First, let’s focus on the perks of talent development.

Benefits of talent development.

Benefits of developing team skills

#1 Higher efficiency

People work more efficiently when they are totally engaged in their tasks. Talent factor is vital in the way that is helps to build “belongingness” with the team, fix mistakes more quickly and use skills for the common good of those involved in a project.

#2 Increased task completion

When a person enjoys what they do and feels motivated and educated enough, they tend to double their speed in finishing tasks. They treat their to-do list as a challenge, not as a problem.

#3 Lower costs

Your employee with well-developed skills will be more effective in utilizing resources. What’s more, thanks to developing talent within your company, you can benefit from saving money on recruitment, hiring, and training. Developing the skills of your existing employees will certainly be more profitable.

#4 Uplift in the Environment

People who are satisfied, confident in what they can and what they do, make the work environment positive for everybody! Satisfaction, good vibes and lack of unhealthy competition will improve morale overall.

#5 Multidimensional growth

Developing existing skills supports growing in many aspects, despite the fact that everybody grows independently! Your employee will be more advanced and will know many new techniques that will help them in their development.

Also, when they become managers and leader for their teams – it will be another aspect of growth. What’s more – when your employees go higher – your company will be growing too – the best “consequence” for your business.

Tips for developing skills in your IT team

Development is one of our priorities at Brainhub, and we work hard to foster each and every one of us to grow. Our clients value the quality of service and our developers’ positive attitude towards their work. We’re proud of having people who want to develop under our roof.

We believe that people really matter and to allow them to be better, wiser and more skilled is important. If you want to be a true leader for your team, encourage your team to develop, grow and nurture the careers of your developers.

We recommend the tips from below from authors of this book:

Read "Action Learning" to find out how to develop talents within organization.

Action Learning for Developing Leaders and Organizations: Principles, Strategies, and Cases” written by experts in leadership: Michael J. Marquardt, H. Skipton Leonard, Arthur M. Freedman, Claudia C. Hill. It’s available on Amazon.

Do you want to create a culture of development? Try implementing these 5 ideas in your team.

#1 Be a role model

Being transparent in your need and motivation to develop and learn new things will give a great example to those around you. Show them that you want and can do such things despite having many other responsibilities as their leader. It is not a sign of weakness – it’s the opposite – leaders gain power and respect by showing that they grow and develop skills to manage better!

#2 Understand and share the value of learning

Talking about “goals” can be tiresome. Try to go beyond that! Instead of “goals”, ask your people: “What will be your accomplishment this year?” and “What gaps would you like to fill to work comfortably?” When somebody accomplishes an assignment, passes a test or succeeds – celebrate together! Remember to highlight that both education and outcome are being praised.

#3 Create processes to support development

Leaders should motivate and develop their team(s). Make clear, what people have to improve something in their work and in what areas. Be meaningful. For people with high motivation and potential, develop career tracks. Show employees that they can upgrade and develop talent inside your company. Be clear when it comes to requirements and time needed to be promoted. Always try to support motivated people.

#4 Boost common values within your organization

Individuals in your company ought to understand the organization’s values. It will allow them to connect their everyday tasks to company values and strategy. Understanding motivation and purpose of daily activities will lead to effective outcomes.

#5 Treat problems as opportunities

For learning from mistakes and developing further, you have to accept some lapses. Acceptable, minor failures happen and they need clarification, strong amendments, and work assignment. Everything in an atmosphere of education and striving for development.

People will not avoid challenges and stressful moments of failure when they understand that they CAN grow and work without fear of jeopardizing their jobs or taking a step back in their career. When you want to create a learning organization, you look at problems as opportunities.

These are the strategies often used by the top custom software development companies in the world. Put them into practice and let us know about the results!

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